About Us


What are the main principles of our success? Our teachers’ academic and professional backgrounds, their dedication to their students, and their ability to teach effectively are the key to our massive success.


Our classes focus on communication and speaking English from your first day of class providing a nurturing environment to facilitate your learning with qualified and experienced teachers. 


Within the next four years, The House of English Roque Pérez will have celebrated its 25th anniversary and created more generations of fluent and independent users of English, by helping them acquire the education, skills and resources necessary to build self-sufficient prosperous lives. 

Our History

The House of English was founded in 1996 and is located in the outskirts of Roque Pérez, Buenos Aires Province, Argentina. 

During the first two years, the founder teacher, Leticia Aguirre was the only one in charge of the courses. In 1998, two more teachers enlarged the team to make us a leading English Language School welcoming about 100 students.

Eventually, more professional teachers were added in 2007 to reach our commitment to offer high quality English courses for people of all ages, learning General English, Cambridge Exams or CaMLA Exams.

Our teaching goals with meaningful activities make students time with us satisfactorily rewarding. We also provide the opportunity to travel to English speaking countries as target communities to put into practice everything that was learnt in our classrooms, living an amazing experience with native and non-native speakers.

Today, The House of English Roque Pérez has five very experienced teachers, who ensure their more than 350 students improve their English and achieve their learning goals.

Our Team

The House of English team is a group of five teachers fully equipped to guide students on their academic path making the learning process accessible and fun at the same time.

Leticia Aguirre
Silvia Macedo
Nadia Magnone
Matias Mundini
Vanesa Paolini